BCMoore Rankings - Iowa High School Basketball

C = conference
  * = game played against a conference opponent
Stren = rating of individual game played by team, standard regression
O = overtime
Resid = measure of team performance versus expectation.
  Negative Resid = team played below expectations.
  Positive Resid = team played above expectations.
M = modifications:
  X = game is excluded from pre-regression data set.
  * = game is excluded when developing post-regression Mod score.
Predict = standard regression rankings for played games.
Predict = modified regression rankings for future games.
Team Stdev = measure of variability of the team based on Stren scores.


Clarinda Academy

Class: 1A Class Rank: 55 Conference: Corner Record: (0-0) Overall: (0-0) Overall Strength =   59.75

  N Date       Location  C  Stren Pts Opp O Cl Rnk ( W - L ) Opponent               Resid M Predict
      Averages              59.75   0.0  0.0